May 22, 2004

The ‘Stroll’ – Another Success For Point Richmond

Crowds Devour Their Way Through The Village
By Fred H. Arm
Last Thursday marked the day for the Point Richmond Stroll where the businesses of the Point opened up their establishments for all to savor and taste their yummies. Thousands of residents and neighbors wandered through the streets of the town center to sample the foods, wines, and wares of local merchants. Musicians and minstrels entertained the revelers as they ‘strolled’ through the historic village while sampling exotic delights from the various restaurants and tasting the rare and not-so-rare wines offered by other merchants.

With handfuls of food and other goodies gleaned from tables outside their stores, the partygoers danced merrily to the various tunes offered by bands stationed at strategic points along the ‘Avenue’. The children were entertained by a balloon lady in the park and they seemed particularly delighted when the local Fireman offered them Junior Fireman badges and plastic fire-hats from their shiny fire trucks.
Vintage cars lined the streets as an added treat helping us to further step back in time to the “good old bad days”. Diversity was the maxim of the day. From Chiropractic freebies at Dr. Amy Jackson’s Network Care to salsa dips at Rosa Maria’s, the crowd gorged themselves and indulged in their dreams. You could get free toothbrushes from the local Dentist, Dr. Pearce, or Band-Aids from the Merchant’s Bank. The Santa Fe Market offered Australian natural lamb as well as other treats, while the market across the street churned out hundreds of pita pockets of salad and falafel.
The Alturas Café offered Gyros slices and the West Contra Costa Times gave away some really nice pens. Overall, it was a grand treat time for the entire family. Lines quickly formed in front of the markets and restaurants as the owners doled out delicious mini-meals of every description. David Moore offered us a John Kerry Booth, replete with specially baked goodies, political rhetoric and party favors to help us get rid of that nasty Bush fellow that is destroying our country.
It was a time when you could meet all your old friends and perhaps make some new ones along the way. It was a time for fun, eating, drinking and frolic with few exceptions. A splendid way to meet the merchants and to share the fun with the residents and visitors. By now, it has become an established annual event that surely will remain high on our list of favorites and traditions.

Posted by fredarm at May 22, 2004 06:01 PM

Damn right, that nasty Bush fellow IS destroying our country. Vote for Kerry just to get rid of Bush. Clip Bush!

Is that really the Dave Matthews Band? Where is this place Point Richmond?

Posted by: Steve at July 14, 2004 11:10 AM
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