August 29, 2004

Uncovered: The War On Iraq – A Movie Review

Talking Heads Galore
By Fred H. Arm
Once again, a quasi-political documentary that assails the current administration is presented for those inquiring minds that need to know or should have known how miserable a job the administration is doing. We all know that already! So why have our noses rubbed in again?

UncoveredPowell.jpg“Uncovered” presents quite an array of impressive talking heads revealing how misguided and fraudulently the case was presented to go to war against Iraq last year. Director, Robert Greenwald went to great lengths to explain the who, the how, the when and the where of some pretty big leaps of imagination and outright fraud in justifying an unprovoked attack against another sovereign nation. So, what else is new? Most of us already knew this stuff or had a good idea what it was all about.

Greenwald makes a reasonably good case against the administration, but the film begins to drag as one after the other talking head drones on and on about pretty much the same stuff. Very little action relief is provided between the headshots that tend to run together until the hypnotic effect ushers in the sandman for a quick nod off here and there.

Historically, the film gives quite an in-depth account of our misguided approval of going to war. No doubt future historians and children too young today to know what is going on will at some point in the future find this expose quite enlightening. For me it held my interest about one third the way through and the rest was just more of the same. Been there, done that.
For those far left liberals, this film is just more fodder to lament about how awful things are. For the far right, it is just another unpatriotic jab at the president. For most other people, the film is informative and revealing, but needs a whole lot more spice to keep this writer awake.

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