March 14, 2005

Millions – A Movie Review

Garbled Tongues Contaminate Film
By Fred H. Arm
There is little to say about the recent Danny Boyle film, Millions. It attempts to present a heartwarming fable about two little boys who are brothers and recently lost their mother. When a suitcase full of money falls from the sky, a morality tale evolves full of fantasy and clichés that leave one wondering why 97 minutes and the price of admission were wasted on this droll English whimsy.

Perhaps it is just me, but English language films from England are hard enough to understand when spoken by adults, it is nearly impossible to decipher when children are speaking. And these children speak continuously throughout the film leaving one wishing there were sub-titles to read. English humor is different from ours and can often be funny; however, this strange tale is embellished with fantasies of visitations by Catholic Saints of antiquity, left me rather bored and yearning for Hollywood. It may just be the annoyance at not understanding the gibberish prattled throughout, but I think the plot is a tired retread of many older films and television sitcoms.
Nevertheless, the acting by the two boys Alex Etel and Lewis McGibbon, was superb. Perhaps they are the only redeeming aspect of this improbable farce. If you have to see it, wait until it comes out on DVD and then you can turn on the sub-titles if need be. I would not recommend this film unless you were a British film enthusiast, and even if you were, I would still pass.
Opens March 18th in San Francisco.

Posted by fredarm at March 14, 2005 04:43 PM